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Technology derived health care also known as tele-health or e-health can help people to access the necessary health care they require and want. Olderadultsonline.com is dedicated to providing a platform where older adults can safely and easily submit questions regarding aging, health and wellbeing, which will be answered during our live online sessions. We will also host live online sessions to provide information regarding the use of online health related resources to help you manage your own health and wellbeing. Please visit our live Consultation and Q & A page to learn more about this service

Olderadultsonline.com is also dedicated to providing accurate and relevant information regarding the use of wearable technology and devices, which includes smart watches, bracelets, etc. These devices can act as medical alert devices, fitness trackers or even monitor chronic conditions. Please visit our wearable tech page to learn more about the types of devices, how they work and the one best suited to your needs.

Olderadultsonline.com also provides an expertise exchange service. This service provides a platform where older adults with expertise in a certain area can share their skills with other’s via online sessions. As a presenter or expertise exchanger, you can receive remuneration for each attendee that joins your session or class. Please see our expertise exchange page for more information.

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