Patient – aging, health and disease resource

Extensive health, medication and disease specific resource. 

Link: Patient – aging, health and disease resource

Get more out of your doctor visit.

Find questions to ask to get the care you want.

Link: Get more out of your doctor visit.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Honest conversations with your doctor are crucial to ensuring you get the care that’s right for you.

Link: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Managing Multiple Health Problems

Taking care of older adults with multiple health problems can be tricky, even for healthcare professionals who specialize in caring for older adults.

Link: Multimorbidity 

Pain Management

There is no reason to suffer silently with persistent pain as you get older.

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Link: Cancer 

Symptom Checker

Online Symptom checker - Identify possible conditions and treatment related to your symptoms.

Link: Symptom Checker 


Extensive information regarding Arthritis. 

Link: Arthritis 

DNA health tests

Health insights based on DNA testing 

Links: Toolbox Genomics and Nebula Genomics